Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dreams are free.

I've dreamt about you for the past few nights. does that mean anything? my dreams sort of scared me. we were together but we weren't. you were different. things happened that never happened within our relationship. the place we were at. the feelings towards each other. one of my dreams was, i wanted you and you, well you wanted me but didn't. you were being the guy i never thought you'd become. the one you promised on our relationship and on everything else, using me for things. you were almost running away. i don't understand. dreams are hard to remember but feelings definitely came back. i don't know what's happening to me. why i can't move on? i honestly never thought i'd have to live without you and watch you with someone else. it's been so long. i guess i've gotten used to everything but i haven't gotten over you. i miss us. i hope you do too.

1 comment:

  1. dont worry chelsea chances are you have made an impression in his life, once his immaturity goes he will see what devotion and loyalty you had, the hardest thing to change is time, you cannot make it go faster to ease the pain, you have to bare every minute of everyday, but in time you will also look back and realise this one stupid boy who keep a gorgeous amazing girl down was never worth it and he will never live up to what you deserve, go live your life but do not forget, because he has changed you, only you can decide whether it is for the better or for the worse.